Identifying Champions

I promise this post has nothing to do with raising a toddler into an Olympic athlete. Luckily, it’s about an accomplishment that will take less time and far less blood, sweat, and tears. It is about identifying who are your clients and who are your champions.

I recently reached out two leaders of a group I work with and asked them to put together a list of clients to survey for a national-level award. I received two distinct responses:

  1. The first sent me a list of all of his clients and his team’s clients. The list was comprehensive and ranged across industries, sectors, and geographies. In a lot of ways, it did a great job of showing the breadth and depth of the group’s experience.
  1. The second sent me a short list of only his best clients. The list was more focused, and it was clear that there was a distinct preference towards a specific industry and geographical region.

Then, my phone rang. Each party felt that the other had missed the point. After all, this was a national award, so shouldn’t we be showing how strong of a team we have across as many topics as we can hope to cover? No. You really shouldn’t. You should ask yourself, “What do I want to do? What am I best at?” Trim your list of clients to just those that fit into those parameters. Then ask, “Who is going to stand up on a hilltop and shout my name for me?”

This question is almost always answered with a series of chuckles, but from a business development perspective, you need to understand that this is what you are asking people to do. You are asking your clients to stand up and say that they believe in you and that they think you are the very best choice.

Being well rounded is great the beginning of your career. However, once you are tasked with managing your own book of business, it is time to highlight your specialty and grow your thought leadership and clout. Your client list should reflect this as well. From a list of Champions you can begin building strategies for: awards, thought leadership, referrals, and direct marketing.

To gain a better understanding of how to build, maintain, and benefit from a Champion Directory, reach out to Navy Blue Consulting today.

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