Monday Motivation – 03/20/2017

Each Month Morning Motivation post provides you with the latest and most-impactful business development, networking, and client service tips to help you improve your business each and every week. This week’s Monday Motivation covers Business Development, Networking, Thought Leadership, and Brand Building.

Business Development: Help Yourself by Helping Others

This article from describes how you can utilize your network to help you create a win-win business development strategy.

8 pieces of networking advice you can’t afford to ignore

Business Insider brings us some quick networking tips to help you make the most of your next networking opportunity. Too long, didn’t read? The eight tips are:

  1. Leverage your existing connections
  2. You can start small
  3. Offer to help people (see the first article listed above!)
  4. Talk about something other than work
  5. Ask a lot of questions
  6. Review what is – and isn’t – working
  7. Follow up regularly
  8. Network all the time

Want To Be A Thought Leader? Here’s How To Start

Liz Ryan at Forbes gives some quick-start tips on how to begin building your thought leadership platform. With most great business ideas, a good thought leadership platform is born with passion and build with hard work and a plan.

5 Smart Hacks For Building Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Social media is so often about impact and reach. This article from Forbes gives some quick tips on how to leverage LinkedIn as another medium through which to grow your personal brand.

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