Finding Your Niche

The most common problem that small business owners/professionals face is defining the appropriate parameters for their work. I remember the first time I recommended that individuals write directly into their bios who their ideal clients are. The response I got? “My ideal client is whoever will pay me.” And that is such a disservice to your expertise.

As a customer, when I am looking for a professional service, I am looking to hire the person that truly understands me and my business. I am looking for the accountant that works with small businesses, the printer that can work with me on small custom projects, and the lawyer that knows the ins and outs of a small proprietorship, especially consulting companies. I am not looking for someone who works with businesses and corporations that span across the nation, or even across the globe, because I don’t feel as though they will understand the needs/issues of my business.

Therefore, when I see a generic bio of someone that works with “businesses”, I am more than likely going to pass. In fact, these businesses are even less likely to show up on my google search. After all, if I am typing in “Small Business Accountant”, and you are an accountant with “business” experience, you are unlikely to end up anywhere near the top of my list.

So take a moment, define your core client group, and write to them. Pretend you are them and explain what you can do to help them. If you’re unsure of your niche or how to write to them, let Navy Blue Consulting be your guide.

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