To allow the safe transit of dangerous goods from 2007 to 2019 we have developped a long term awareness strategy with the Panama Canal Authorities: meetings with many Panama ministries and Parliament Commissions. Presentations of transits at technical centers and safety departments of the Panama Canal


We have organized seminars at the University of West Indies ( Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaïca in 2019) for Caribbean Authorities on the passage of nuclear materials in the Carribean sea to gain the best acceptance from the regional countries. Hundred participants were debating on Energy and Develoment, nuclear transports in the Caribbean area, and international and regional regulations.

Raising Awareness

For shipping a new flow of uranium ore between Europe and China without any delay and denial in the ports of call of Malta,Port Saïd Egypt,Dejel Ali and Khor Fakhan UAE, Port Kelang Malaysia, Ningbo China, we have set up within two months a global acceptance program for relevant stakeholders such as -regulatory authorities,
  • port authorities,
  • handling companies,
  • police and security forces,
  • firefighters 6 transports have been performed
in 2016 successfully.


Bernard Monot



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