Monday Motivation – 03/13/17

Each Month Morning Motivation post provides you with the latest and most-impactful business development, networking, and client service tips to help you improve your business each and every week.


The 5 Least Important Skills for Networking Success

Ivan Misner, founder and chief visionary officer  a professional business networking organization, discusses the skills that are least important for a successful networker. Sometimes, knowing what isn’t expected of you is just as important as hitting the skills that are.


A former LinkedIn VP who’s hired 3,000 people says if you hate networking, you’re probably doing it wrong

Almost everyone is opposed to the traditional view of networking: going to a cocktail party and making small talk with random strangers while somehow selling them something. Steve Cadigan, however, talks about the impactful kind of networking that you should be doing. “For Cadigan, the best approach to networking is cultivating connections you already have. ‘It could be your tennis coach. It could be your history professor. It could be your senior thesis advisor. It could be so many people,’ he says. ‘You’ve got to start somewhere.'”


My Top Writing Tips for the Busy Author

If you read last week’s Thought Leadership blog post, you are hopefully considering ways that you can turn yourself into a Thought Leader. This article discusses some tips on how to get your writing started!


A startup CEO says there’s a time when a side job does more harm than good

Are you fully engaged with your business? Poppin CEO Randy Nicolau discusses how having contingency plans and side jobs can hurt your entrepreneurial objectives.


How Much Is an Instagram Story Worth?

Social media can often feel like a frivolous attempt to win a strange kind of popularity contest. However, the attached story from Bloomberg demonstrates how a strong social media presence and a targeted story-line can actually develop into its own stream of revenue.

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